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The following routes were developed over years of biking in Indiana and now Kentucky. At the time they were the most direct routes using paved county roads and minimal secondary highways to connect the county roads. When possible the most scenic road was used. Over time most counties added more paved roads however in a few instances when county budgets were stretched, roads reverted back to gravel. Using my routes you'll almost always find that the distances between two points is more than taking highways however the scenery is most often better as well as the traffic. Hopefully you'll enjoy the great cycling in Indiana or Kentucky and if possible provide feedback on your trip.
I am not making any recommendations nor can I say that these routes are free from road hazards or dangers from traffic. Users of these routes will find them scenic and remote however only the user can assure they are safe on any public road.

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

All roads lead to Crittenden, KY ???

So, you're wondering what is so special about Crittenden. Other than several restaurants it is a junction of several of my remote routes for biking in Kentucky.
I have added two new routes:
Newport to Crittenden and Crittenden to Maysville which total just over one hundred miles. Much longer than route 8 however the scenery and roads are in my opinion much better.There's Back Inn Time B&B in Falmouth for those wanting a two day ride and a ferry in Agusta if you want to cut short the KY side and return in Ohio.
Lastly for century riders you'll have a total elevation gain of nearly 5,000'.
The routes do overlap about 3 miles East of Crittenden on Shady Lane Rd.

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