Qualifier for these routes!

The following routes were developed over years of biking in Indiana and now Kentucky. The majority of the routes are on rural paved roads with minimal secondary highways to connect the county roads. Using these routes you'll almost always find that the distances between two points is more than taking a highway however the scenery is almost always better as well as lower traffic. Hopefully you'll enjoy the great cycling in Indiana or Kentucky and if possible provide feedback on your trip.
I am not making any recommendations nor can I say that these routes are free from road hazards or dangers from traffic. Users of these routes will find them scenic and remote however only the user can assure they are safe on any public road.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

36 Mile loop South of Cincinnati near Interstate 71 / 75 split

I took off on this ride mid morning today with the idea of capturing a few pics to add to the route. It's one of my favorite routes close to home with plenty of remote roads and four miles along Arnold's Creek which might be termed a goat path by some. Not big mileage at 36 however there is 2,500' of climbing so it is a fairly good early season workout. Arnold's Creek Road was repaved last fall, really nice!. There is one place where nature is again trying to reclaim itself by slipping the road into the creek. The road is not closed and the area is easily passable just be aware to watch the road surface at 10+ miles in! It really is worth the drive to do this route! There are several pics included with the route map plus que sheet and downloadable GPX track. Verona / Arnold's Creek Loop

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bicycle Across "Scenic" Indiana, yes it can be scenic!

Having lived in Indiana most of my life and cycling a big part of it searching for remote scenic routes. In the majority of the state I found what I was looking for and want to share it with others. The ones shown on post are a compilation of those routes which helped keep me motivated to ride there. There are actually many roads and places that are scenic, interesting and in some areas challenging to the cross country cyclist. Take a look at the routes and see if you can adjust your routing to take one of these routes, you just might be surprised with the countryside. You can even connect with routes in Ohio and Kentucky to continue your journey. Be prepared to spend more time if traversing the state using my routes because you won't be going straight. Click the link: Ralf's Remote Rides in Indiana to see the routes with cue sheets and gpx files. Then scroll down to the bottom and click button "Show All On Map". Also check out my other routes in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio at Ralf's Rides on Ride With GPS!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Routes Between Cincinnati & Lexington

Living in Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati and enjoying remote bike rides I want to share with others the scenic, low traffic and paved routes that I like to ride. I hope you enjoy these routes as much as I do and suggest them to others. Click on: Ralf's Remote Bike Routes Between Cincinnati & Lexington which takes you to the Ride With GPS site. From there you can select one of the six routes to get cue sheet or GPX file. You can also select "Show All on Map"!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ralf's Rural Rides in Kentucky

Looking for a different adventure on your bicycle? Come to Kentucky and ride the rural scenic roads where it's hardly ever straight or flat. The countryside is dotted with tobacco fields, old barns, race horses and more while often biking down a narrow road that cars can only pass by having two wheels in the grass! The locals are friendly and often are found in the general store discussing the news. I've found rural Kentucky to be one of my favorite areas to ride with friends. They always return for my annual ride and marvel that there are roads like these in the midwest. You might be pleasantly surprised and wonder why you haven't given Kentucky a try for your summer ride! Click the link: Ralf's Remote Rides to see cycling routes in Indiana and Kentucky with cue sheets and gpx files. Scroll down to "Events" on the left side and pick from several 300+ mile five day routes. Please contact me if you have any questions on routes! cbike2@gmail.com

Friday, October 9, 2015

TWO more scenic remote rides South of Cincinnati

Just under an hour South of Cincinnati I began a 58 mile ride from Williamstown. This is the area where The Ark Encounter is to being built. Back to the ride, it follows mostly remote paved roads to Falmouth at the halfway point where lunch and snacks are available. Leaving Falmouth the route heads West and picks up Fishing Creek Rd which is a beautiful narrow road to Goforth on SR22. The terraine is challenging with 3,600' of elevation gain. A great ride for a fall escape. Williamstown / Falmouth Loop! Head a few miles further South to the Corinth exit and ride Ralph Mitchell's (Ralphie-boy) Corinth-Sdieville Loop!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

RRRiK 2015 - Five days of biking in South Central Kentucky

With our move to Kentucky in 2010 the preplanning branched out to others for help. Duane took charge of the SAG trailer which has been around since the 1988 RAGBRAI and Rob readied the SAG van which had come from his sister Sherrie as she moved to WA. The group has spread ever further over the years making me wonder where the next ten years takes us! Rather than overnighting at five different places I decided to use a suggestion from Phyllis to ride loops from a couple of smaller cities in South central Kentucky. In the fall of 2014 Phyllis and I headed to the Berea area with some preplanned routes and several bits of info on dining and sites to see. The results of the preplanning plus a revisit to the area in the spring of 2015 produced five nice routes In the Berea area
The group of 13 from Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Washington state gathered in Berea at a local hotel the day before the ride, some we had not seen since last years ride! It was great to just set and talk for the evening before the ride.

Day 1 Berea SE < Route Map

We rode out of town from the hotel with rolling hills beginning quickly. As we ventured more to the SE the hills became more aggressive and the roads were quite remote. Very little traffic however heading up one hill we encountered a pickup pulling a trailer.
While the bikes faired well there wasn't enough space for the SAG vehicle to pass. A short delay took place while the SAG was backed down the hill to a driveway.  We later stopped in Sand Gap for lunch at RT's but just before that was an ice cream drive-in where a couple of us picked chocolate malts, nice cool-down appetizer.
After lunch we ventured back toward Berea but the dark clouds were gathering. We started looking for shelter and found an old abandoned road-side store with a porch and decided to stop. No more than five minutes later heavy rain set in. We waited for a while with little let up on the rain. Part of the group, all that would fit in the SAG, headed back to Berea. The remaining riders waited for a break in the rain or the SAG to return. The break finally came and we enjoyed a faboulos ride back to Berea with the SAG showing up behind us.

Day 2 Mt Vernon SW  < Route Map

We transported South to Mt Vernon parking at a local high school. The route took us through Broadhead then onto some "goat path" width roads and then
Briary Creek where we either waded across or got the nerve to ride through the water. From there it was lunch at Ruckle's Restaurant where the birthday boy was served some chocolate pie compliments of the restaurant. After lunch we ventured back across Briary Creek then East back to the high school.

Day 3 Berea SW < Route Map

Again we started at the hotel in Berea and followed along Copper Creek Rd and Turkey Town Rd to Crab Orchard where we lunched at the Past-Time Cafe. Many of the locals were dining with the special having a German slant. From there we headed North to 3246 and Yoder's General Store. A few on the ride wondered if it had a connection to the Yoder's store on the Amishland Ride in Northern Indiana. 3246 continued on to Narrow Gap Rd, another goat path, which was great. The pace slowed and everyone enjoyed the remote scenery. The remaining road back into Berea was a variation of crooked and rolling to short sections of straight road like Northern Indiana.
After the ride we transported to Richmond 12 miles North of Berea.

Day 4 Lancaster SW  < Route Map

We drove 15 miles to Lancaster parking in the center of town to start the ride. The route quickly exited town on a low traffic road which turned even more remote at 5.5 miles onto Fall Lick Rd. We then made an easy 500' climb around 3.5 miles long to an overlook. From there it was 13 miles to Sanford for lunch. Mostly downhill with a couple of short but steep climbs kept the pulse rate up. The group split up for lunch with half going to the Bluebird Bistro and the rest to Coleman's Deli. Both had great food and fun. I went to the deli which was a working pharmacy (still) and a lunch counter. Three senior ladies were waiting tables and they all flocked to greet us ready to take orders. I asked for a chocolate malt which came in minutes. I then ordered a chicken salad sandwich which also came quickly. The others who had been exploring the place wondered how I received my food so quickly. They soon found out and three others ordered chocolate malts which were HUGE and shared with the others. After lunch we grulled up a gradual slope to Junction City then picked up a tailwind heading back to Lancaster. We passed Hubbel Church which had been purchased by a local farmer who then restored it and the parsonage for the comunity. Continuing on Old Danville Rd we encountered a road construction ahead sign at around 54 miles but assumed as usual "we are bikers and we can walk past the problem" plowing ahead for two miles we encountered the problem.
We would be held up for a bit waiting for a hydraulic hose to be replaced on a truck We talked a bit and a few decided to turn back to the next road and bypass the construction. Since most all of the group were out of staters they didn't realize that Kentucky doesn't have many rural roads crossing rivers and streams plus unlike upper midwest there are not any straight roads. The detour would have added around 15 miles on some highways to the days mileage. In addition the delay was going to be a while and the clouds were looming to the west. Talking with a local farmer who also was blocked from getting home we learned about a farmer's lane going up over the hill then down into another farmers pasture (with cows) where we could bypass the construction. it worked and a short discussion with the other farmer allowed us to continue the remaining three miles into Lancaster
Where is my mountain bike?

Back at the hotel we ordered pizza plus some "sweetened and un-sweetened" iced tea!!!

Day 5 Richmond SW  < Route Map

This day was a wash for riding due to heavy rains all day. We all opted to do a Bourbon Tour and Tasting at the Woodford Reserve distillery South of Frankfort. It turned out to be a great tour and tasting to wrap up a great ride in South Central Kentucky!